“Man breaking into homes of sleeping women Uptown”




Here are a few links to news stories about recent home invasions happening in my neighborhood. There were five incidents between Jan 15-18. All of the incidents targeted women and 4/5 targeted college age women. They all took place while the women were sleeping. The intruder broke in once by smashing a small window near the door to unlock it and gain entry and the other times via unlocked doors and climbing through unlocked windows.

This happens to be in my neighborhood and these five incidents have all taken place as little as one block away to as far as eight blocks away. They are all extremely close and I do live in a house with another female college student so I was feeling especially spooked. We had left our back door open Monday so a repairman could come and fix our dryer and he didn’t end up coming so the door was open Tuesday as well. He did come and fix the dryer Tuesday so I made sure it was locked. I even had my boyfriend go outside and make sure it was actually locked and that he couldn’t get in. We double checked all the locks on our windows and pulled down our blinds- hoping that blocking the view inside would deter the perp if he found himself near our house. We also have a clawfoot tub in my house which requires two shower curtains. The curtain close to the window is clear and the other one is solid white and I even switched them so the curtain closest to the window was solid white and not see through despite having a bathroom window one can’t see through. It sucks to feel scared in your own neighborhood and your own home. These incidents have all been so close to my house, I would not take the recycling out last night when I was home alone and instead waited until this morning to do so.

The police man in the news video made the following statement:

“What we are asking is that everyone be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings, and we ask you to be walking in pairs of two if not three individuals walking with you at all times and please secure your residences as best as possible.”

Why do we live in a world where women have to be hyper aware of their own surroundings while sleeping in their own beds?  It is scary to be told to have two to three people with you at all times when the perpetrator is targeting sleeping college aged women. How do we know this man isn’t a student or a professor or a school employee with access to students address information?

After being scared at every bump in the night, I stayed up late and had my boyfriend come over when the event he was at was finished. I normally leave a door unlocked if I know he’s on his way and it’s late and I might be sleepy- this time I had him call me when he got arrived and I got up to open the door for him. He left for work early and I fell asleep very soon after he left.

I have PTSD and part of that includes night terrors. I was so spooked and so triggered by these recent home invasions that after having multiple night terrors, I woke up convinced what had woken me up was a mans voice saying “HELLO.” After being paralyzed in fear for a few minutes, I got out of bed to check if anyone was there. My boyfriend and roommate had already left and the house was empty.

It is so problematic and so sad that I live in a world where I have to be “ON” all the time- to protect myself as a woman from dangerous men. It literally affects how I sleep at night.

Wishing everyone safety and peace of mind.





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